-Sequoia mastering workstation in a custom silent PC
-Avalon 2077 pure class A mastering equalizer
-Manley Vari-Mu vacuum tube mastering compressor/limiter
-Weiss DS1-MK2 mastering compressor/de-esser
-API 2500 master bus compressor
-Manley/Langevin Mini Massive Passive mastering eq
-Crane Song Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device
-Crane Song Avocet Class A D/A converter/monitor controller
-Dunlavy SC-IVa large-format monitors
-Cello Duet 350 Watt audiophile power amplifier
-Mike Spitz modified Ampex ATR-102 1/2" analog mastering tape deck
-Heavily modified MCI JH-110C 1/2” and 1/4" analog mastering tape deck
-Great River MP-2NV stereo microphone amplifier
-Custom Flickinger stereo microphone amplifier
-Little Labs Digital Audio Mastering Router
-Dolby 363 SR/A Noise Reduction Unit
-Algorithmix, PSP, Soundtoys, Altiverb plugins
-Panasonic 3800 DAT recorder
-Apogee Wyde-eye digital cabling
-Custom Mogami analog cabling with Neutrik connectors
-Music Hall MMF-2.2 audiophile turntable with Grado Gold cartridge and Graham Slee preamp
-Grado Prestige SR 225 Headphones
-Studio furniture by Sterling Modular and Acoustilock

All of the mastering equipment at The Boiler Room was specifically selected to deliver the highest level of audio fidelity. Mastering is very different from tracking or mixing; the slightest imperfections in equipment or wiring (that may be missed in say, a snare drum track) will be immediately revealed in full-range audio. Equipment that is built or modified exclusively for mastering will always deliver better results in a mastering session!

Our new state-of-the-art facility was designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group (www.wsdg.com), the world's most renowned studio designer. The studio is exceedingly flat, especially in the low-end, and may be the most accurate listening environment in the history of Chicago.

With a pair of six-foot tall, 200 pound Dunlavy speakers sitting on a total of 500 pounds of solid limestone, The Boiler Room's monitoring system is like nothing you have heard before. All of the equipment that your audio passes through is either built primarily for mastering, or carefully modified to meet that standard of quality.

At The Boiler Room, attention to detail and meticulous design standards define every piece of hardware, software, and audio connection! Studio photos and a redesigned website coming soon!